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What we do

Reduce uncertainty and increase your flow by turning barriers into gateways. Gigflow makes it easy to stay professional, find clients, and manage the business side, so you can focus on your work. Unlike other freelancing software solutions, this is not a marketplace. Gigflow helps you set the right price and find the right clients to maintain a steady flow of work.

Fully Automated Seed, Leads, & Sales Flow.

Tell us who you’ve loved working for in the past, and we create a buyer persona of your ideal client.

Using the seeds, Gigflow finds similar clients in your network with LinkedIn as leads. 

We connect you via LinkedIn and send 2 proven, professional messages offering your services and booking time to discuss projects.

Features designed for freelancer freedom

According to research, the average freelancer spends 47% of their time on sales and admin! With Gigflow, all the time-wasting tasks are automated, giving you more time to spend on billable work.

Consistent workflow

As a freelancer, the most frustrating thing is the periods of feast and famine. Through Gigflow, you can create consistent work with long-term clients you'll love. (The dream!)

Multiple features

Gigflow offers freelancing software tools from a personal storefront for your services, a solutions template to start client discussions, a suggested price tool, and much more.


Every freelancer is unique! Gigflow offers flexibility so you can define your specific services and deliverables on our solution templates.

Streamlines lead conversation

Our freelancing software as a service, allows you to see lead conversions by matching you with interested companies who become long-term clients.

User friendly

Not a tech-wiz? You don’t have to be! Gigflow is a straightforward freelancing management software designed for creatives, with achievable tasks and state-of-the-art automation.

Organization made easy

Create a proposal, set payment terms, and collect your check all on a single platform. Then use Gigflow to get organized for your future.

Security & Stability Made Possible For The Freelancer With Gigflow

Now freelancers don’t have to choose between using their talents or having total security. Gigflow fills in the gaps that make freelancing difficult. Calculate a target monthly income, save for a safety net, and plan for tax season (notoriously the freelancer’s nightmare).  

Fair prices

Recurring jobs that match your skills. 

Automated Back-Office

Administrative assistance.


Well-established client network.


Build brand and increase opportunities.

Get started today

Get right in front of your best clients and close the deal; on autopilot.

Find freedom & stability as a freelancer

With automated tasks, you can focus on your work while building new opportunities and creating a network of loyal clients.